Porter-Cable came out of the gates with another versatile circular saw and we can’t say we’re not impressed with the ingenuity that strikes us every time. As soon as we opened the packing, the magnesium cast body impressed and we had a good feeling about the testing.

When it comes to the debris created, this circular saw is the absolute best out of all the candidates on the list. Aside from creating an almost nonexistent mess, it has a substantial amount of power at its disposal. This is not surprising, given the fact it boasts a 15-amp, heavy duty motor, fit for any environment or duration of work.

The majority of the parts are hand-made, which gives additional value to an already efficient circular saw. Albeit not a priority, style points are somewhat important, and this silver beast leaves little to be desired in that field.

We’ve concluded that the biggest advantage of Porter Cable circular saw is the slick and fast descend upon the surface, creating only a small but tidy rip in the unsuspecting material. This is the choice if you want a reasonably priced circular saw with excellent durability and power features.

PORTER-CABLE PC15TCSM 15 Amp 7-1/4" Heavy-Duty Circular Saw

Things you will like most:

  • Stylish cast
  • Deep and precise cuts
  • Efficient
  • Excellent price