Amongst the power tool giants, Makita quite possibly reigns above them all, and rightfully so. They are now famous for their high-powered engines, one of which they’ve chosen to insert in the HS7600 circular saw.

Those 5200 RPM provide an excellent balance of power and practicality, as the entire machine is a result of a search for balance between efficiency and ease of use.

It’s safe to say that the motor should withstand a lot. Equipped with coolers and additionally protected by dust blowers, the 10.5 AMP monster leaves little to be desired. Out of all the participants of this list, the Makita circular saw may have presented us with the most astonishing cutting speed.

With this circular saw, it’s evident that an emphasis is also on safety. Even though everything is covered in aluminium for stability and precision, it also serves as a lower guard for your fingers in order to keep clear of the danger zone at all times.

Although the dust blowers did bug a little when faced with thicker mahogany wood, this circular saw is basically everything that you’ve need and should make a great addition to any craftsman’s arsenal – both pro and novice.

Makita HS7600 Circular Saw, 7-1/4"

Things you will like most:

  • Completely immune to rust
  • Spacious, but precise cuts
  • Generous price
  • Versatile and ideal for any facet of work