Hitachi had no nonsense in mind when designing this powerful circular saw. An industrial-grade aluminium base is equipped with rulers and scales to measure distances and sizes even amongst tons of debris, which is something valuable.

The levers are amongst the best on the market, which was confirmed by our experts during the testing period. Out of all the models on the list, none has better cutting curves than the Hitachi C7BMR.

Those beautiful curves have a lot to do with the total absence of plastic on the entire body, in order to improve the life of the tool and reduce breakage to a minimum. In a world of faulty power tools, a circular saw that offers this is surely a valuable addition to any frequent user. A breeze is all that it takes to pass through the toughest amongst materials, no matter the size and thickness.

If we had to choose one model to serve as the ultimate balancer between professional and home use, the Hitachi circular saw would be the ultimate circular saw for that. Both industrial masters and amateur carpenters have been nothing but ecstatic and our team can do nothing but confirm the already positive reviews.

Hitachi C7BMR 15 Amp 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw with Magnesium Housing and Brake

Things you will like most

  • Reasonable price-to-performance ratio
  • Easy replacement of blades
  • Excellent for details