When it comes to quality circular saws, the importance of an electric brake can’t be stressed enough. DeWalt took this matter really seriously and came up with a state of the art brake that stops the blade in just 1.2 seconds.

This is a great addition to safety as it stops the blade right away and prevents any cuts. The blades are made out of special stainless steel, which is more resilient than thick. We saw it right away, from the first deep cuts we made.

The packaging has been revamped completely. Not only do you get your high-quality circular saw, but it comes with a specialised bag, a blade cradle for protection and safe-keeping. All this at an even lower price before. We were sceptical at first, but the deep and precise cuts it makes disregarded all the doubts.

All in all, DeWalt circular saw is very stable, especially for house fixes and smaller projects. The cord is extra long and because of that, we were able to manoeuvre all over the warehouse. When you take into consideration that blades come at a discount once you buy the saw, this 8-pound (3.6 kgs) saw should deserve consideration.

DeWalt DWE575SB 7-1/4-Inch Lightweight Circular Saw with Electric Brake

Things you will like most: 

  • Only 8 pounds (3.6 kgs) of weight for increased efficiency
  • Excellent materials
  • Durability
  • Incision may even be the best on the list