This DeWalt circular saw combines outstanding power features with some innovative perks that improve stability and add up to one of the most promising new circular saws out there. As you may see, the body is minimalistic and cast in industrial-grade aluminium.

We’ve even tried straining it by applying the blade to solid marble and the body still didn’t budge a millimetre! Aside from being designed for the most gruelling tasks, it’s also safe and easy to use. Some manufacturers choose to disregard an electric brake, but it’s very important to keep a safe vicinity of the circular saw after it’s plugged out.

In only 1.9 seconds, the blade stops spinning. At one point we were seriously thinking that the cuts are a product of a computer animation, mostly because that precision is hard to accomplish.

All in all, you have a proper kit made for just about anything and a true circular saw you can count on for any possible job. Top the amazing performance off with a specially designed rubber grip and you should have an ideal power tool companion. Excellent indeed.

DeWALT DW384 8-1/4-Inch Circular Saw with Brake and Rear Pivot Depth of Cut Adjustment

Things you will like most: 

  • All-around performance
  • Resilience
  • 3-year warranty
  • Extremely safe