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10 Circular Saw Secrets You Should Know About

In the amazing world of power tools, there are many ways to get the job done and accomplish your goal, whatever it may be. A true craftsman knows that the key to mastering your line of work is being comfortable with all the available power tools. 

Some may prove to be more challenging than others, and amongst those tricky ones are, for sure, circular saws. An electric circular saw is truly a revolutionary member of the power tools family and can allow you cuts and maneuvers you didn’t think were possible before. 

Although it is many lists of the most dangerous power tools, the circular saw doesn’t have to be hazardous or tricky. With these ten clear, but useful tips, you will revolutionize your craftsmanship and become a master of the circular saw.

Using the Circular Saw: Useful Tips and Information

1. Check the saw before use 

This is somewhat mandatory when using even the best electric circular saws. What you want to check here is the blade guard, if it’s properly placed and if it can withstand the next session of work. Without it, a circular saw is useless, as it is very risky to maneuver it. 

The blade should be also thoroughly inspected, to be sure that it’s not chipped or damaged. If it is, it can badly impair the further use and should be replaced. 

2. Set the blade depth 

If you choose to set the blade of your circular saw too deep, you will find the whole job a lot riskier because the entire blade is exposed. Another issue is, of course, the kickback. The circular saw can get jammed if too much of the blade is invested in slicing the material. This can cause a dangerous kickback. 

A saw cuts much more efficiently if the blade is properly placed. To do that, loosen the lever and make sure it’s about 1.5 cm below the board. After tightening the lever, you are set to go. 

3. Look for an ideal saw position 

When operating a circular saw, you should strive to look for the best possible solution when it comes to placing the machine on the surface. The best advice on placing your circular saw in these situations is to place the motor to face larger part of the porn. 

This is important because you won’t be required to balance the saw while watching the excess parts fall off. 

4. Allow the cutoff parts to fall away by themselves 

A mistake that many users of electric circular saws make is clamping the board during the cutting process. Always maintain a straight cut line and push the circular saw to the end. This allows the smaller pieces to lose connection with the main part and finally fall down on the floor. You can also add 2 x 4 on each side of the board you are cutting, for maximum efficiency and balance. 

5. When doing rip cuts, make sure they’re precise 

A rip cut is a movement with a circular saw which includes cutting parallel with the wood grain, not crosscutting – which goes across. If you’ve opted for a circular saw by a leading manufacturer, you will most likely have a metal rip guide, which can come in handy. 

To avoid splintering and maintain precision, use a longer board for support and pre-mark the cut route before actually performing it. While doing the cut itself, you just have to maintain a straight cut, with the base plate firmly against the support board. 

6. Feel free to redo any mistake 

Guiding a circular saw to a steady, straight cut is something that even the best craftsmen can’t do all the time. Instead of guiding the saw back to the line while it’s still on, simply shut it down and let the blade stop spinning and retract it. 

After withdrawing the saw, just place it back where you started and do it all over again. It’s a foolproof strategy. 

7. Start from the top when cutting into a wall 

By placing your circular saw at the top of the wall and letting gravity to the business, you will make things much easier and more efficient. You will feel much less strain and the weight of the saw will provide enough balance for a consistent and quality cut up until the end of the designated surface. 

8. Implement clamping 

In many tasks, you will face a situation where you will have to use your circular saw to cut a few planks of the same size. To achieve maximum precision and have them all at identical sizes, stack them on top of each other, apply clamps and slowly cut from top to bottom. The sides will be aligned and you will have a job well done. 

9. Experiment with 2x4s 

2×4 planks are excellent assistants during any job, especially plywood. If you are tasked with applying a circular saw to a big piece of wood in the shape of a board, make things easier and place a couple of 2x4s under the surface. 

This way, the circular saw won’t damage the lower layers and the pressure will be applied to the middle of the board – making every cut feel like slicing butter with a knife. 

10. Don’t forget the mask and the goggles 

We know that you may not feel the strain right away, but trust us. Circular saws launch millions of microscopic wood particles in the air.

 You may not sense them right away, but over time they can cause problems with vision, sinuses and many chronic lung diseases. Be smart and take the necessary precautions to ensure your safety.


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